I believe sharing is one of the most enjoyable things in the world.
This collection of short videos contains effective exercises, advices, secrets and other tips to make you feel and look better while dancing. If you have an idea you want to share, please don't hesitate to contact.
In this short video you will find a simple advice on quick aid your your body dance and feel better.

This simple exercise trains attention, develops coordination and brings musicality to your body and mind.
You can make advantage from almost anything! A new Tip contains an exercise that will help you deal with one of the most popular embellishments in tango.
This simple exercise explains how to relax the hips and keep the balance at the same time. It helps to stabilize the pelvis, return movability to the joints and feel the freedom of dance!
In group classes I am often asked to show (and film) this simple warm-up. Therefore, we decided to make a video so that the hint is always therefor you. Have a good practice!
They say that in the old days ballerina would not be accepted to the dance school if she could not draw: it was believed a dancer has to have developed sense of aesthetics to be able to create graceful lines with her body. You will find an idea for coordination in this video that would help to embody beauty in your dance!
From this new video you will learn how to "ease" the turns and finally find freedom in rotations. Try it, dance and share your impression with us!
In this new video you'll find a simple exercise that would help your arms and hands become active and make your connection with partner better. Try it and share your impression!
Many things left to do before the holidays, but you have not achieved all your tango goals yet? Let's combine business and pleasure! Let the pre-holiday efforts be a treat!
There is one thing that helps you feel good in any circumstances: it is balance and good support under your feet. Visual images and exercises from this video will help you building new connections inside of the body and gaining more confidence and freedom in movement.
Embrace is one of the most discussable topics in tango. It takes two people to create a real embrace for sure, but what if there is no partner around? If you really want to practice, you can always find an option!
Exercise in this video will help you build common space and improve the overall couple balance. But the most important is it lets you feel that embrace is not a rigid frame: it's a flexible structure that you create for your partner and together with him.
Exercise in this video helps building posture with no extra tension, become more grounded, activate body core and move freely.
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