My name is Elena Sergienko.
Let's get to know each other!

Summary, Workshops, Schedule, Photos and Videos, Testimonial, Contacts

My name is Elena.
Let's get to know each other!
Summary, Workshops, Schedule, Photos and Videos, Testimonial, Contacts
Dancing and other body practice have been accompanying me all my life one way or another. I started dancing when I was 5 and for a long time I was a prima in the small children dance team. We performed at local celebrations until I got tired of our director's son. I was her favourite and she used to partner us together. My nature almost hasn't change ever since; I still can hardly dance with those whom I don't like.

Then active studies began. But dancing was always there - folk dances, ballet, some contemporary. I was an A-student in school (I received gold medal in secondary school) and got a MA degree in economics with honours. Later on, I got back to body development and started doing aikido. The philosophy of cooperation, no competitiveness and similar corporal work became an excellent base for tango.
Argentine Tango
Argentinean tango came into my life in 2008, and very soon it drove all other things out. In the dance I found everything what interests me until now – cooperation, profound body work and self-discovery, music and improvisation.

Tango is a body jazz.
Magic that's being born at this very moment.
A few years later, my partner and I opened «Tango Motivo» tango school in Kiev. It started to occupy more and more of my time and gradually replaced my work. When I quit the job in BNP Paribas, I had a position of project manager.

In 2012, I happened to move to Moscow and started to teach at GallaDance. Since then tango is my only job. Two years later, I quit and started giving private classes and workshops on my own.
Even before I moved, I had started to travel a lot with classes. Invitations on shows and/or workshops were coming from various cities and countries.

I was lucky to perform and give classes in different cities of Turkey, Italy, Latvia, China, Belarus, Warsaw, Ukraine and in more than 10 cities around Russia.

An important point in my list is a performance at the famous milonga Salon Canning in Buenos Aires.

It happened upon the recommendation of a legendary dancer and teacher Graciela Gonzalez, who influenced my tango more than anyone else.

Besides, I was honoured to study with other wonderful teachers. The list is huge, so I will not name them all.
Elena Sergienko Tango Show
I keep learning all the time.
However, the range of my concerns is wider than tango only: connection between body and conscious, influence of inside and outside factors on the quality of movement, physiology and neurobiology. During the last few years, I have dedicated my whole free time to study these subjects.

By trying different systems of body work, I began noticing that I dance and teach differently, easier and lighter. It turned out that this multi-level approach is not only pleasant but also very effective for educational purposes.

My students understand me better, and the desired result comes quicker. Sometimes the changes are so strong that they seem some kind of magic. Although, when you understand how it works, some words come to my mind. The words which I used to name my new project where I will be sharing my ideas and approaches -

Elegance is Simple!
I use this new approach both in private and group classes.
Technique Сlasses
We talk about basic principles of movement and contact here. Exercises improve coordination and ability to concentrate, liberate the body and help finding a minimal muscular effort to get the desired result. We work with attention and learn to grow aware of ourselves and our partners.
We look for a state of mind when the external aesthetics is a continuation of internal dancing story.
Individual Сlasses
Help to individually adapt the general principles. We analyse what interferes on the way to the free dance, both at the level of body structure and ideas. Working on the shape only doesn't create a real dance: the shape is static but the dance is dynamic. We look for a balance. And we find images and exercises for each case to get involved into the dance with the integrity of body and conscious.
Workshops for Couples
Work on a «simple to complex» basis. Step-by-step analysis of every movement allows learning complex figures easily. We talk of specisl aspects of geometry and dynamics, differences between movement and statics; work with the couple's space and develop musicality. Even if not everything works perfectly at the beginning, one gets a tool for future work and understanding of the way needs to be passed.
The best testimonial of the teacher is students' feedback
Lena is a rare type of tango teachers. She gives a synthesis of various approaches existing in tango, which is well thought, transmitted and translated into universal language clear for everyone. There is nothing accidental. If it is a series of classes, you should take all of them; each next class comes logically from the previous one and is based on it. This is a teacher who has answers to all students' questions. Even for those who do not understand and are frustrated by it.
Marina Zhukovskaya
Architect, Rostov-on-Don
Lena has some super structured system, explaining which one can see clearly the principles of dance. And she also has a gift to explain in a manner when it gets clear. It is funny to watch yourself, when after long dancing you suddenly understand what Lena wanted to say at the lesson.
Sometimes tango is taught as some set of movements ,but Lena has an integrated concept about how body moves and why. And when you use it all in your dance, all movements come as consequence. Not because you have to do them, but because cooperation with partner is built in a certain way, because it is easier to stand that way.
Ales Zhuk
Organizer of popular tango (and not only) events, Moscow
Calligraphic accuracy of explanations – this is what I like the most in Lena's classes! Attention to details in both dancing technics and geometry of movement. How to dance clearly and softly, precisely and smoothly – Lena knows the answers.
I myself have been teaching tango for a long time. Capricious tango-veterans like me usually carefully choose from whom to learn. Lena is included into my personal short-list of teachers.
Julia Papilova
Tango teacher, Moscow
Schedule 2018
January 18
Private classes in Moscow, Russia
February 18
06-15 - Kamchatka, Russia (workshops with Sergiy Podbolotnyy)
16-18 - Vladivostok, Russia (workshops with Sergiy Podbolotnyy)
23-25 - Workshops in Saint Petersburg
March 18
12-22 Kyiv, Ukraine
Private classes in Moscow, Russia
April 18
Basic Tango Technique Workshops in Moscow (4 classes)
Basic Tango Technique Workshop in VIGOR TANGO (Balashikha)
Private classes in Moscow, Russia
May 18
25-27 - Workshops in Arkhangelsk, Russia
Private classes in Moscow, Russia
June 18
9-12 - Workshops in Abrazame Tango Festivalito, Tver, Russia
30 - Workshops in Saratov, Russia
Private classes in Moscow, Russia
July 18
01 - Workshops in Saratov, Russia
25-30 - 10th Tango d'Amore Festival, Odessa, Ukraine
Workshops and private classes in Moscow, Russia
August 18
3-5 - Chelyabinsk, Russia (workshops with Sergiy Podbolotnyy)
30-31 - Nuestro Tango Weekend 2018, Valdivistok, Russia
Workshops with Sergiy Podbolotnyy in Moscow, Russia
Private classes in Moscow, Russia
September 18
01-10 - Valdivistok, Russia
22-23 - Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia (workshops with Sergiy)
28-30 - Workshops in Novosibirsk, Russia
Private classes in Moscow, Russia
October 18
12-14 - Helsinki, Finland (workshops with Sergiy Podbolotnyy)
Private classes in Moscow, Russia
November 18
23-25 - Arkhangelsk, Russia (workshops with Sergiy Podbolotnyy)
Private classes in Moscow, Russia
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