What can I say in addition to that her technics classes inspire?
Trying to avoid buzzwords, I must admit that Lena has a talent to open up dancers, which I could watch with others as well try it myself.
This person knows how to make complicated things simple. When you practice with her, you encounter new colors in usual things, and you also learn something new about yourself, which is unusual at first. And it happens every time.
Maria Hariff
Teacher in Tango Salon school, Moscow
What I was impressed about was accuracy of diagnostics: we were working on what was necessary and can be mastered at this moment. Associations and images are clear, they help me dancing afterwards. The speed and saturation of the lesson was just right for me: I had time to work and no minute was wasted. Then the summary of what was achieved and learned. It was very friendly, a great atmosphere during the lesson, I left feeling happy and inspired. It was beautiful!
Elena Pisarevskaya
Physical therapist, Moscow
I agree with the previous comments about the ability to get her knowledge over to students precisely and clearly. I had an immediate impression that we speak the same language, and this does not happen with everyone. Somehow new images and parallels appear from the little box, if the previous ones do not work effectively enough. And more. As we all go to different teachers and maestros, and we hear different things from them, there is a need to reconcile it all in our heads. And it is valuable for me that when I hear some thought at the classes or workshops of other teachers, Lena can get it over to me completely. All the questions that I had are answered. It is like she translates from some other language into my mother tongue.
Elena Zhukova
Editor, Moscow
Legend has it that there are masters who teach with their mere presence, with silent influence. I used to be skeptical about old tango teachers who were teaching in the way "watch and do as I do". But once I fell under your influence, I understood this approach also had a different meaning. For example, while listening to Rachmaninov play music, you start to play better as well. In tango you can also meet this kind of masters whose inner state has this magic. You just watch and then suddenly - something has changed in you. And united with sharp and elegant intellect, concentration and fun from self-improvement, it creates a multilevel influence and deep effect.
Natalia Garna
Pianist from Trinidad Arfó orchestra, Kiev
Coming to the workshop of a teacher who loves her profession, who is very generous in sharing knowledge and skills and who is also very attentive to students is priceless. Structure and consistency in presenting information, easy explanations and clear exercises enhance consciousness and make an impression that tango is simple, provided that you work on self-improvement and in the right direction. But this is not a problem because the inspiration needed always appears in Lena's lessons.
Kristina Gevorkyan
Teacher of robot technology for children, Rostov-on-Don
After only one private class with you, everything what different teachers and famous maestros invested into me finally fell into the right place. You can find so simple and precise words, so comprehensive images and parallels which get inside the body in a firm and solid manner. You are a remarkable psychologist and you can find appropriate words and images for every student. With you everything is understandable, accurate, appropriate, comfortable and easy. I am excited about your lessons, and after each one I receive a great portion not only of knowledge of tango technics, but also a great deal of joy, self-confidence, lightness and freedom. I am flying! I wait for our meeting as it was a celebration. There is a concept of "my person". And you are "my teacher"!
Olga Popova
TV author and host, Vladivostok
Lena is a rare type of tango teachers. She gives a synthesis of various approaches existing in tango, which is well thought, transmitted and translated into universal language clear for everyone. There is nothing accidental. If it is a series of classes, you should take all of them; each next class comes logically from the previous one and is based on it. This is a teacher who has answers to all students' questions. Even for those who do not understand and are frustrated by it. This is high class! I want to admit the high level of attention to students of group lessons. Lena sees everyone and finds time to come up and fix your own bug. We are waiting for Lena in Rostov in September. We are very lucky!
PS, if you need an effect of giro – carousel, then you should ask Lena.
Marina Zhukovskaya
Architect, Rostov-on-Don
Calligraphic accuracy of explanations – this is what I like the most in Lena's classes! Attention to details in both dancing technics and geometry of movement. How to dance clearly and softly, precisely and smoothly – Lena knows the answers. And what else is important:
1. Lena is one of few lady teachers who knows how to lead (it is important even for those who go to her women technics).
2. If we talk about style, she will be of particular interest for those who are fond of classical tango salon. What else can I say? I myself have been teaching tango for a long time. Capricious tango-veterans like me usually carefully choose from whom to learn. Lena is included into my personal short-list of teachers. Thank you, Lena, that during my second decade in tango I finally understood how to get this "ziiip" in the dynamics of giro.
Julia Papilova
Tango teacher, Moscow
Ksusha Chichaeva
Teacher and director of El Centro school, Moscow
Moscow tango school El Centro has been working with Elena Sergienko for several years. We often invite Lena to teach women tango technics. These lessons are always a great success and are extremely popular among both students of the school and experienced tango dancers in Moscow. According to their reviews, Lena has an ability, like no one else, to analyze even the most puzzling and challenging issues in tango in a way that everything becomes clear; and above all, after her lessons you know for sure that nothing is impossible. Classes with Lena are indeed a possibility to get answers to the most burning questions and start to understand and feel your body in a new way. It is critical that Lena can find good ways with all her students. She explains the most difficult aspects of technics in a very patient and easy manner. Lena is one of those teachers who are strict but fair, that is why a feeling of successfully accomplished work on self-improvement leaves a pleasant after taste. I can clearly affirm that in her work Lena uses her own and very effective teaching methods.
Julia Mets
Financial expert, Moscow
Elena matches together diversified and extensive descriptions and images to explain complicated matters with a simple and clear language. Besides, she can find an individual approach considering personal features. In other words, for "dry" analysts it can be almost mathematical or physical language, for sensitive ladies it can be almost artistic images and comparisons. It can only be possible with wide personal experience and learning with various teachers, as well as, which is also important, with high intellect and diverse talents. Personally, I like to hear well educated speech with accurate epithets from various areas. Lena perfectly teaches the most important things – basics and fundamentals without which it is impossible to do complicated figures and sequences, and to fill your dance with something personal. Lena does not only explains, but is also extremely sensitive to how the students are doing a certain movement, if they have reaches the axis, if they have used the base leg properly. This is important because it is one thing in theory, but feeling rather than seeing a picture is completely different. Lena knows how to lead, it is very important for ladies' private classes. And she can give a feedback as it feels for the leading partner. Music scheme and musicality is another very interesting topic, which is rarely taught by other teachers. It is a whole ocean with extremely delicate and interesting things, which are never boring to study. And Lena is an excellent guide for anyone into this fascinating world. A guide who is also pleasant to be with, as well as useful, effective, fun, comfortable and attractive!
Anton Radzevich
Script and play writer, Moscow
Among many brilliant teachers in all the corners of the world from whom I was honored to learn different subjects, from theoretical physics to the art of drama, Lena is one of the most outstanding teachers on this huge planet!
While most of the teachers teach you to dance steps, or music, or sequences, Lena teaches you the very essence of tango. She teaches that tango is a dance for two personalities, and that every movement and everything you do would tell all the truth about you. The truth about who you are, about your dreams, your ideals, about your attitude to life, to the opposite sex, to children, about how you make love, in brief, about everything your life consists of.
Lena is an amazing teacher also in that she has no need to demonstrate you how incredible she is. She shows you instead how incredible you can be. You will ask, how does she do it? In a truly magical way: when she looks at you, at your body, at the way you move, you have an impression that you have been scanned by some super-computer and that there is nothing that might slip her attention. Then some mysterious calculations go on in her head, and she understands the most important problem which keeps you off the person you want to become. How could she do it? Like a true goddess, she only makes a minimal effort to get the absolutely necessary information to you.
I loved the classes! Why specifically?
First, it is simply a pleasure to look at her. It is not only about the appearance, but about some inner calm softness. It means that when you look at a person and you want to be like them – it is a very important virtue of a teacher.
Second, it is her very precise and clear explanations. It works like this and that – one can clearly see that this person has a deep knowledge on the subject. Third, there are cases when a teacher is "not yours". They are not bad; you just have different view on almost all matters. So, Lena is "my teacher". Her system of images was very clear and familiar for me, as well as her attitude to tango, to the roles of leader and follower etc. In general, I am very happy I could come to those classes and I will go again next time.
Alina Shtompel, Rostov
A lesson with Lena for me – it is like a detailed description of all my body functions (and here comes a metaphor), it is like discovering that you can not only use macbook for entering a facebook page, but you can also write music and edit videos.
And although there is still not enough practice, and one hour of private lesson either, something in my body subtly changes, and it is easier to breath in couple, and "yet it moves" even with no talc powder (referring the follower, of course).
I can only imagine what discoveries get leaders from these lessons!
Natalia Mihalchuk
Freelancer, St. Petersburg-Kiev
I always feel good with you, it is clear, precise, interesting, powerful, soft, beautiful, funny and serious. After you lessons my tango-wings get bigger and more confident. And I am also surprised and amazed about your ability to teach and share so generously and warmly. I love your lessons a lot, Lenochka. It is always a great meeting for me. I send you hugs and I am waiting for you.
Elena Gubareva
Owner of a flower shop, Vladivistok
Elena, after attending your workshops, I understood that it is clearly a MUST VISIT ;) for everyone – from beginners to teachers!
I agree with the previous comments about experience, ability to synthesize and present the information universally. It was extremely interesting!
Aleksandr Kazak, Minsk
You know, when I came to Lena's lesson, I had been dancing for 5-6 years. And I used to dance with good partners, and how it usually happens, I believed I was dancing well. But something in all this was not satisfying me – I did not like my posture much, and I could not dance in the way I wanted it to be.
So what do I mean? Lena has some super structured system, explaining which one can see clearly the principles of dance. Why does lapiz happen? Just because, this is a basic principle. Why do we turn like this? Because that is a basic principle.
Lena also has a gift to explain in a manner when it gets clear. It is funny in general to watch yourself, when after long dancing you suddenly understand what Lena wanted to say at the lesson.
To sum up, sometimes tango is taught as some set of movements (here we learn giro, there sacadas, and here is boleo). But Lena has an integrated concept about how body moves and why. And when you use it all in your dance, all movements come as consequence. Not because you have to do them, but because cooperation with partner is built in a certain way, because it is easier to stand that way. Finally!
Ales Zhuk
Organizer of popular tango (and not only) events, Moscow
Dear Elena, our darling guest, a remarkable dancer and teacher. Two days of intensive tango technics workshops flew so quickly, but they left such a great scope of information, that it will take days or even months to interpret. Thank you for the science of tango, for revealing so many tango secrets in a simple and clear language. Now we will start solving any problem with setting off the "lifts", that's for sure!
Thank you for your patience, for finding a moment for every one of us at the classes to correct, to praise, to help, and the main thing – to give us "a permission to be beautiful". Now we all have magic words: "Lena gave us the permission!" Wow, like this there will be no one equal to us on the dancefloor!
Thank you for the wings! We will do our best, we promise! And we hope for the continuation. We love you and we admire you!
Tatiana Kovaleva, Habarovsk
I was so cool! Lena, thank you very much for the valuable information carefully thought out and persistently rammed into the brain! We will train "wi-fi", "turn on taps", control the elements of water and air in our body!
For a long time I do not remember so much benefit received over the weekend. Feeling of lightness in the dance, which we caught we'll try not to lose. But in fact, it really could not be believed that much could be so simple!
Ekaterina Romanova, marketing specialist, tacher in Gricel tango school, Rostov-on-Don
Lenochka is a true fairy. For the first time I felt in practice the thing that so many and in different forms have already heard from different teachers. And today I myself felt and caught it. I'm a little afraid to loose this feeling, of course, but I will cherish.
Thank you, you are in your place for sure! I left you a little in trance, I'm delighted! We've been practicing a step, by the way; I've got the feeling that I was for the first time standing on my own feet, and that now I will have to learn how to walk again) This is pure magic!
Elena Pavlenko, young mom, Moscow
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