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Some details about the tour of Osvaldo Pugliese in the USSR and China in August, 1959
I have finally learned some details about the tour of Pugliese in the USSR and China. On the 10th of August 1959 the orchestra took off from Buenos Aires for a tour around 80 cities in the USSR and 20 cities in China. The singers were Jorge Maciel and Carlos Guido. The orchestra also included a couple of dancers, Monica Reynal and Toto Rey. Pugliese's wife accompanied him. On 14 August they first appeared in Moscow and gave 20 concerts. The audience burst into the biggest round of applause after the tango Remembranza.
There had never been any vacant seats.
The tour was held in Moscow, Leningrad, various cities of Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia. In China the audience called for an encore after every tango, and the orchestra had to play each one twice. Guido recalled that during 3 months they were giving 2 or 3 concerts per day in the best venues and theatres of these countries.

For example, in Erevan, there were 50 thousand people on the stadium. The orchestra performed in Lvov, Kharkov, Rostov, Kislovodsk, Sochi, Suhumi, Batumi, Tbilisi. In every single place it was a complete success.
Remarkably, tango was defined as "small symphonic poem".
On the 30th of December the orchestra came back to Buenos Aires, having opened "embassies of tango" in these countries.
Author: German Nemolyakin. Translation: Valentina Mitrieva.
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